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Watch Frank Ocean Triumphantly Return To The Stage After A Three-Year Live Hiatus

After a casual three-year breather from playing live, your good m8 Frank Ocean has hit the stage once again.

The croon-lord headlined Denmark’s NorthSide Music Festival on Friday to mark his first live show since 2014, busting out a set choc-a-block with tunes that we’ve never before heard played live.

Ocean’s setlist included songs lifted off both of his 2016 LPs , Blond and Endless, like ‘Pretty Sweet’, ‘Ivy’, ‘Pink + White’, ‘Nikes’, and ‘Higgs’, as well as recent stand-alones like ‘Chanel’, ‘Biking’, and ‘Lens’.

He also performed an unreleased freestyle, prior to hitting fans with ‘Self Control’.

The FOMO is all too real. But with a bit of luck, now that Frank’s back on the horse, we might see him come to Australia some point soon #DareToDream

Catch Ocean’s full setlist and watch fan-shot footage of the whole thing below.


Pretty Sweet (Live debut)

Solo (Live debut)

Chanel (Live debut)

Lens (Live debut)

Biking (Solo) (Live debut)

In Here Somewhere (Live debut)

Comme Des Garcons (Live debut)

Good Guy (Live debut)

Self Control (Live debut, new intro)

Wither (Live debut)

Close to You/Never Can Say Goodbye (Cover of Stevie Wonder’s cover of Jackson 5) (Live debut)

Higgs (Live debut)


Thinkin’ Bout You

Nights (Live debut)

Pink + White (Live debut)


Futura Free (Live debut)

Nikes (Live debut)

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