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Watch A Grief-Stricken Bro Bury His Fake Tan, Durry Pouch In A Touching Funeral For Stereosonic

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Stereosonic, beloved gurner fest and gun show, 2007-2015, whose loss has left our hearts more shredded than the majority of its fans’ sweetass pecs.

And following confirmation that this year’s event has been officially turfed, likely in the wake of its promoters’ financial woes, one grieving Stereo bro has held a private backyard funeral service/done some turfing of his own in honour of our dearly departed Stezza.

George Papura’s video of the tear-jerking ceremony has gone viral on The Facebooks, after clearly striking a chord (unlike the majority of Stereo acts) during a time of nationwide devo.

In the clip, Papura can be seen digging a shallow grave and ceremonially burying all of his Stereo paraphernalia, including his fake tan, bulk gains powder, durry pouch, hot pants and (most heart-wrenching of all) his gym membership.

 As per funerary custom, there is also a ceremonial scattering of the MDMA powder.
Farewell Stereo. Enjoy the big outdoor doof in the sky.
Forever RIP[ped].

My goodbye to Stereosonic. You will be missed
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