Watch Guns N’ Roses’ Drummer Casually Jam At A Brisbane Bar

So Guns N’ Roses are currently in the middle of their epic Australian ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour, and it turns out that a member of the band decided to surprise a bunch of people in Brisbane last Sunday by crashing a local jam session.

The Music reports that GNR drummer Frank Ferrer showed up at Brissy venue The Bearded Lady during the day, just hours before the band’s show at QSAC Stadium that evening.

The Bearded Lady was holding it’s weekly CHURCH improv session, and during the seesion Ferrer began chatting with local musician and organiser of the jam session Ofa Fanaika (who apparently didn’t recognise him at first).

“I asked him what the name of his band was called, and he said a rock band called ‘The Gunners’ and asked if I’d heard of ’em,” Fanaika told The Music. “I said nah… but that doesn’t mean much — I’m a bit out of the loop with these kinds of things. Always heaps of rad stuff happening in the neighbourhood, so I get a bit sheltered here.”

After the conversation, Ferrer joined the band on stage for a 10-minute gospel jam. It was an incredible moment for vocalist Kel Timmons of Bankrupt Billionares.

“I know we have something special in West End,” she said. “It’s not unusual that big name artists (with spirit) sniff us out when they’re on tour here. They see it too. I’ve seen it many times with many artists that have been to many places.”

Fortiuitously the whole performance was captured on video, which you can check out below.

The Gunners’ live shows have been pretty damn special as well on the tour so far, with AC/DC’s Angus Young joining them on stage in Sydney while Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson has also made a surprise appearance on the tour.

They play at the MCG in Melbourne tonight before wrapping up the tour with shows in Adelaide and Perth over the next week or so.

Watch: Guns N’ Roses’ Frank Ferrer Jams At The Bearded Lady

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