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Watch Hands Like Houses Cover Fuel’s ‘Shimmer’ For Triple J Like A Version

We loves a ’90s revival Like A Version and Hands Like Houses have delivered the goods. Taking on the ’90s classic ‘Shimmer’ by Fuel, they up the instrumentals a little bit, the vocals are a touch more polished, and they bring some serious energy to the cover.

As well as the glorious ‘Shimmer’ cover, Hands Like Houses delivered their own ‘The Water’. It’s a tight performance of their most recent single, obviously besides today’s newie ‘Dangerous’.

Hands Like Houses’ ‘Shimmer’ isn’t their first ’90s hit rendezvous on the segment. Back in 2016, we received a cover of No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’

In their Behind The Like A Version, they recall how special watching the ‘Shimmer’ clip on Rage was back in the day.

They chat about how Like A Version is good because you can do a cover that’s exactly the same or one that’s totally different, and either will work.

Hands Like Houses frontman Trenton Woodley says, “It’s kind of like just bringing a flavour rather than changing the recipe.”

We’ll be receiving a new Hands Like Houses EP next month. The self-titled release is due Friday, 23rd October and their latest single ‘Dangerous’ is out today.

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