Hope D
Still from Hope D's 'Like a Version' performance

Watch Hope D Cover ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears for Like a Version

Hope D was this morning’s guest on triple j’s Like a Version segment, with a powerhouse rendition of Britney Spears‘ ‘Toxic’. Band in tow, the Brisbane singer-songwriter delivered an energetic, guitar-heavy cover of the 2003 In the Zone classic.

Much darker in tone than the original, the cover goes to some very interesting places sonically, with each of the five performers playing off each other and totally leaning into the dramatic performance. One of the most interesting moments comes when the new rendition’s woozy, extended bridge ramps up into a big, cathartic final chorus. It absolutely rips.

“I really wanted to make it really dark and moody, and it was very much a collaborative process with the band,” Hope D explains in an accompanying interview. “We all had so many ideas and everyone had their own parts to put in.”

In addition to ‘Toxic’, Hope D also gave a killer performance of ‘Addict’, the opening track to newly-released EP Cash Only. Check out both below.

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