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Watch JK-47 Cover 2Pac’s ‘Changes’ For Triple J Like A Version

Oooooooft, JK-47 was up for this week’s instalment of Like A Version and he’s delivered. He’s offered up an Australian take on the 2Pac classic, ‘Changes’.

JK-47 opens the cover by singing in his traditional language that’s complemented by Bronte Eve’s melodies.

In his Behind The Like A Version interview he explained that he wasn’t meant to sing that beginning part in language.

“Jarulah Slabb wrote that from Goodjingburra tribe, Goodjingburra land on Bundjalung nation,” he said, explaining that Slabb was meant to sing that part, but could make it.

“The meaning behind that was, ‘When the suns going down it’s time to go back to the fire and it’s time to go back and contribute.”

JK-47 sat down with him to learn the meaning and pronunciation ahead of the performance.

“2Pac goes in like that for how it is in America. So, I had to keep it real and tell it how it is in Australia and how it is as an Indigenous person,” he said.

He took Bronte Eve along for those beautiful, “That’s just the way it is” lines too. It’s a really special Like A Version. Listen down below.

While in the studio, we also received a rendition of ‘The Recipe’.

‘The Recipe’ is taken from his debut album Made For This. It picked him up an ‘Unearthed Artist of the Year’ award.

You can watch JK-47’s 2Pac cover, ‘The Recipe’ performance, and his Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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