Image: YouTube / Hot 97

Watch Joey Bada$$ Reading Kanye West’s McDonald’s Poem

Kanye West‘s latest creative (and delicious) McDonald’s-themed rap verse has been performed by Joey Bada$$ live on US radio station Hot 97.

ICYMI: Frank Ocean finally relented and decided to release his new album Blonde over the weekend. The album release was far from the only thing that Ocean unveiled, as he also released a visual album called Endless and an awesome full colour Boys Don’t Cry zine.

Among other things, the zine contained a short poem by Kanye West. The subject material? US fast food behemoth McDonald’s.

“Kanye West wrote a poem about McDonald’s in Frank Ocean’s new magazine,” says Hot 97 presenter Megan Ryte. “I wish I had someone who could rap it for me…”

Joey was only too happy to oblige.

Watch: Joey Bada$$ Recites Kanye West’s McDonald’s Poem

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