Watch Lena Dunham Step In For Sia On ‘Late Night’

Notorious recluse and miracle worker Sia has made yet another stride in her pledge to remain decidedly out of the spotlight, hiring a stunt double in the form of Girls creator Lena Dunham to take her place on the stage during a performance of Chandelier on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Sporting a trademark Sia blonde bob and decked out in a head-to-toe white ensemble, Dunham prances across the set, drawing inspiration from the dance routine made famous by 11-year-old star Maddie Ziegler in the viral Chandelier video. Meanwhile Sia, we presume, lies face down atop a bunk bed.

Earlier this year, in a rare interview with Dazed & Confused, Sia explained her use of look-a-likes was all a part of a “much larger concept” for her new album, which she says is centered on one desire: “I don’t want to be famous.”

“Basically I plan to put different people in blonde bobs because the concept now is to create visual art. I know I can sing and I know I can write songs but this is my time to create visual art. Directing all these live performances is really exciting now,” Sia told the magazine.

Watch: Sia – Chandelier feat. Lena Dunham (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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