Watch: Lupe Fiasco Hit In Face With Glow Stick, Threatens Crowd With Mad Karate Skills

It’s not even midday yet but I think we can safely give this week’s Cool Guy Award to the one and only Lupe Fiasco – rather than just laughing off a total non-event, Lupe insisted on stopping the show to inform everyone that he’s awesome, and will beat you up if you think otherwise.

As you will see in the below video, Lupe is pumping out some Kick, Push before a reckless audience member assaults his pride with a glow stick to the face. Clearly shocked that the projectile didn’t sense his awesomeness and immediately nix its momentum, Lupe calls time out and informs the wayward fan of what is truly up:

“I know you a jerk and that’s cool. I know that you came here and you thought that, ‘Ima get some shine real quick and throw some shit at Lupe and hit him in the face.'”

Then shit gets serious. Kung Fu serious.

“But, let me remind you of something, OK? Hold on, ya’ll, just hold on. We gonna get back to the show, we gonna get to Kick, Push. You see this waist? This waist right here? There used to be 4 black belts around this waist.”

Lupe then reiterates for anyone who failed to gauge just how bad he really is:

“So listen – everybody that wanna throw some shit, kindly step over to the side of the stage, and I’ll give you 5 minutes of fame here.”

Moments later, it was business as usual and the show continued. But we know what we saw – it’s right there in the video.

Watch: Lupe Fiasco Threatens Audience With Black Belt Karate Skills

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