Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Surprise NYC Bus Gig

A new video has emerged of Grammy-nominated Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “surprising” New York City bus commuters with an in-transit rendition of their hit song, Can’t Hold Us.

The very high-quality video shows the hoodie-clad duo pay their fare, step on the bus and with the aid of a boom box, launch into a very animated performance of their song. The commuters are instantly delighted and in a matter of minutes start clapping along and dancing on the seats.

For no apparent reason, Macklemore even starts tossing toilet paper around the bus. The stunt reportedly took place back in November 2013 but hasn’t been revealed until now because it’s a part of the Grammy‘s ‘Music Unleashes Us’ ad campaign, that aims to capture people’s natural reactions to music.

Concerns have been raised about the video’s authenticity. The type of bus, the overly cheerful commuters and the fact that no evidence emerged of the performance back in November have lead to online speculation that the stunt was staged.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will perform at the Grammy Awards on January 26 and are up for seven awards, including Album and Song of the Year. The pair will head to Australia shortly for Future Music, Good Life and Breath Of Life festivals.

Watch: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Unleash NYC

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