Watch Marilyn Manson Fall Offstage In The US As Critics Trash His “Mess” Of A Live Show

Marilyn Manson is in the midst of a co-headlining US tour with Slipknot, and the general consensus seems to be that the God Of Fuck does not give a single one.

But not in a boss Jim-Carrey-wearing-a-women’s-monokini kind of way.


No, more in a fuck-all-the-people-who-paid-to-see-this-show-I’m-just-not-even-gonna-try kind of way.

Critics have been trashing the shock rocker’s performances as a total “mess”, claiming that he’s been taking to the stage either drunk or high out of his mind and slurring his way through songs.

Case in point: this video of him incoherently moaning, struggling to remain upright and mindlessly fucking around with equipment while (apparently) performing The Beautiful People in Hershey a few of weeks back:

During the same show, he also reportedly barked at a stage hand: “I don’t want to fall onto my dick with that cord, so can you fix it please? And don’t give me an uppity look, because you’re not black.”

Oof. Anyway, Manson’s trainwreck live show reached his zenith last night in Virginia when he was again performing The Beautiful People and was so fuck-eyed that he just kind of rolled right off the stage.

The YouTuber who filmed the moment and uploaded the footage even provided an eye-witness account, explaining in the accompanying caption that the Pale Emperor was “obviously inebriated”, and confirming that he “could barely understand anything [Manson] said all night”.

“[The] show seemed like one long temper tantrum from start to finish with 10 minute breaks between every song,” he said. “Thank the metal gods that Slipknot came out and absolutely killed it afterwards. So sad to see him in this shape.”

Indeed, Manson’s not-so Dope Show undoubtedly looks even worse when you compare it to his co-headliners’ frontman Corey Taylor, who’s been out there performing his guts out every night in a motherfucking neck brace.

Manson recently announced plans to release a brand new album called SAY10 next year on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s hope he can get his shit together by then.

In the meantime, check the footage of him falling offstage in Virginia below.–5oXNSg8

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