Watch: Mastodon Guitarist Troy Sanders In Hilarious Ad For Orange Amps

Ever wondered what would happen if the great Troy Sanders of Mastodon found out that his amps – all 6 of them – were broken only minutes before he appeared on stage? Well wonder no more, as the latest ad from Orange Amps depicts just that situation. And he seems to handle it pretty well.

The viral potential for the ad is through-the-roof, and thanks to New America Video Agency, the final copy is a high quality, well-acted, flippin’ hilarious cut. From pre-show rituals that include compliments on one another’s hair cuts, to figuring out that the random lurker standing in the room is actually his long-term manager – it has it all.

With a title like Orange Amps Save the Day, you’d expect Orange amps to do just that – which is exactly what happens. Sending a furry little employ to the rescue, Sanders soon replaces his massive arrangement of amps with the Orange Amplification’s Micro Terror, and totally rocks out.

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