Watch: New Sound City Movie Clips

Since February when Slipknot’s Corey Taylor publicly acknowledged that he had collaborated with Dave Grohl as part of a documentary spearheaded by the Foo Fighters’ frontman about the storied recording studio, Sound City, Music Feeds has been excitedly following the doco’s progression.

The first footage of Sound City Movie came in the form of two short trailers and a note from Grohl, who wrote, “In the spring of 1991 I packed all my belongings into an army surplus duffle bag, put my drums in some dusty road cases… I was a 22 year old starving musician, without a cent to my name or a place to call home. My destination: Sound City.”

This was followed fairly recently by a more in-depth preview of the film with snippets of interviews from Tom Petty, Trent Reznor and Butch Vig.

Then late last month a status was posted on Sound City Movie’s Facebook page alerting folks that filming had finished and fans could expect some “super cool shit” while they wait on the doco to be released.

“Hey you guys guess what happened yesterday? Last day of shooting. its all in the can. High Fives & giant THANKS to our super dope crew for all their hard work for rock and roll. Swear we can tell you a for real release date soon. High Fives to YOU GUYS for coming along with us on this ride while we we make it. You’re rad. Much more super cool shit is coming at you.”

And as promised, fans are being treated to some exclusive footage from interviews conducted during the filming of the Sound City documentary. The two clips below feature Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich and Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and are the first two instalments of a series titled First Musical Memories.

This looks to be one special documentary!

Watch: Sound City Movie – Musical Memories with Lars Ulrich

Watch: Sound City Movie – Musical Memories with Kevin Cronin

Watch: Sound City Movie – Trailer

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