Watch Old People React To Hearing System Of A Down For The First Time

Yeah, yeah, we know, the whole “Elders React to things” schtick is getting about as old as its subjects. But if you’re a System Of A Down fan, then this one’s actually a pretty good watch.

SOAD are without a doubt the weirdest band ever to sell millions of albums and pack out stadiums, but for some reason most of us who grew up during the noughties just seem to dig their schizophrenic AF politically-charged brand of heavy metal.

But in breaking news, science has just discovered that baby boomers and senior citizens don’t really get what System Of A Down is all about.

Most of the geriatric panel were completely baffled and disgusted by the “scary-looking” “angry” “headbangers” and their “obnoxious” tunes Chop Suey and Sugar, but many changed their tune after learning about the meaningful messages that were at the heart of the band’s music.

Watch the oldies’ reactions to watching and hearing SOAD for the first time, below.

And shoutout to Norman for name-dropping #Slingknot.

Watch: Old People React To System Of A Down

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