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Watch Osher Günsberg School TV Panel Of Oldies About Pill-Testing

Ya boi Osher Günsberg (FKA Andrew G) has just gone on the telly to take a wrecking ball to the arguments against pill-testing.

As all rational, progressive thinkers already know (because of, you know, the scientific evidence) pill-testing saves lives.

However, as we also know, the vast majority of geriatric conservatives who unfortunately still occupy a large portion of state leadership sadly continue to have the following reaction when confronted with the overwhelming evidence in favour of the harm-reducing measures:

And so, Channel V presenter turned Australian Idol presenter turned Bachelor host Günsberg has slipped into Studio 10 in a bid to set them straight.

“When will everyone learn that young people are always going to take drugs?” he quizzed the show’s panel of oldies last night. “Your grandkids, your kids will take drugs at festivals. It is going to happen. Would you prefer they know what they’re taking?”

His comments come after NSW Premier and staunch pill-testing naysayer Gladys Berejiklian once again hosed down any suggestion of trialling pill-testing at NSW music festivals in a bid to reduce drug harm, after yet another young person fatally overdosed at a Sydney dance event this past weekend.

“Unfortunately, we know that pill testing won’t work because it’ll give people a green light to taking substances, which in the end could still kill them,” she told the press.

But Osher, much like ABC fact-checkers, has called BS.

“The wonderful thing about having a pill testing tent is that you then have immediate access to the person who already has the intent [to take drugs],” he said, referencing the recent successful pill-testing trial at Groovin The Moo Canberra.

“It’s an opportunity to liaise with that person and ask ‘do you know what this is going to do? Do you know how many is too many? Make sure you keep drinking water. Make sure your friends are around you’.”

“And kids are going to listen to that?” sniffed Kerri-Anne Kennerley, to which Osher quipped back: “When was the last time you went to a rave Kerri-Anne?”

Watch their exchange below.

Meanwhile, since the episode aired, Osher has taken to his personal Twitter to keep using the same strategy of cool logic to keep schooling other detractors.

Check out what else he had to say below as well.

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