Watch: Over-Reactor New Single ‘MOUTH OF THE GHETTO’

The death-hop duo known as Over-Reactor have just released the lead single and title track from their upcoming record Mouth of the Ghetto, due out in May 2012.

The accompanying music video is a sight to behold. Vocalist Ezekiel Ox sports facial hair that would make Wolverine jealous and displays his feverish ability for choreographed dance. Filmed in one day against some of Melbourne’s iconic street art, the clip for Mouth of the Ghetto is as equally hilarious as it is impressive and will surely be viewed more times than Kony 2012 (OK, that’s an overstatement, but the clip is really cool).

Over-Reactor keep the entire muscial process in-house, meaning they “write, record, mix, master, and press their music themselves”. As a result, they have etched out a marginal sound that combines hardcore, metal and hip hop and continue to impress live, touring with the likes of Front End Loader and Karnivool.

Check out the music video for Mouth of the Ghetto here… (seriously this isn’t the presser talking, it’s pretty awesome)

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