Watch Ozzy Osbourne Perform ‘Bark At The Moon’ During The Actual Solar Eclipse

In a moment so metal it’s almost magical, Prince Of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has performed ‘Bark At The Moon’ during the US’s once-in-a-century solar eclipse.

The bat-chomping forefather of heavy metal planned his set at southern Illinois festival Moonstock down to the minute so that his performance of the iconic 1983 werewolf anthem coincided with the exact moment that the moon blocked out the sun and plunged the land into total darkness.


Watching the footage of daylight turning to night as Ozzy wails the iconic tune (and barks at the actual moon) as thousands of metal fans do the same is pretty fucking epic.

Hopefully he’s still around in 2028 when Australia’s gets its next solar eclipse so we can get him here to do it all over again.

Check out fan-shot footage of the whole thing below.

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