WATCH: Ronnie Radke Says Falling In Reverse Are Not Breaking Up

Breathe a sigh of relief, fans of Falling In Reverse. Contrary to popular belief, frontman Ronnie Radke has said that the band is not breaking up. Ha ha, we’re just kidding – Falling In Reverse don’t have any fans.

If you haven’t been following the drama surrounding The Worst Band Ever, the long and short of it is that Ronnie Radke was accused of cancelling the band’s tour, firing all the other members and keeping the profits for himself. Radke’s wife Crissy said those allegations were false but Ronnie had kept quiet on the subject…until now.

In an interview with Alternative Press (below) Ronnie says the allegations are “not true”, and then basically explains away any bad behaviour on his part by saying he’s “crazy” and “an artist” with “an anger management problem”. We put double quotes around “an artist” there not only because it’s a direct quote from Radke, but also because of the dubious nature of the statement. The singer then goes on to spout the usual “haters gonna hate” rhetoric and suggests that he’d rather have people love him and hate him in equal measures than be ignored.

If you’re wondering how one little post-hardcore band could evoke so much ire, let us direct you to your recommended viewing, the god-awful video for the equally god-awful single Alone.

WATCH: A Conversation With Ronnie Radke

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