Watch: Serj Tankian Perform ‘Harakiri’ from New Solo Album

System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian has just released his third solo record, titled Harakiri, on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. Last week Music Feeds posted an article giving fans the chance to stream the record before its release. Those who took advantage and had themselves an advanced listen would have been instantly met with the powerful opening track Cornucopia.

Another rocking tune is the title track Harakiri, which sees Tankian play with his versatile vocal range, as fans have become so accustomed to from his days fronting System of a Down. Tankian recently appeared on American talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform the track for a horde of feverish fans.

On the origins of his new record, Tankian stated that a series of ecological events inspired the running theme throughout Harakiri.

“The year 2011 started with a fire. Some kids in Piha, NZ were setting off fireworks that landed on my neighbor’s property and lit the whole hill on fire. I knew it was going to be a hell of a year and it certainly was. Within 5 days of that, reports came out about birds and fish dying in massive numbers globally. The omen was not lost on me. Varied creatures on earth were committing massive hara-kiri (the Japanese term signifying ritualistic suicide.) Do they know something we don’t about the coming times or the sustainability of the environment? That is the day I started writing this record.”

Watch: Serj Tankian – Harakiri – Live on Jimmy Kimmel

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