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Watch Sycco Take On PNAU’s ‘Embrace’ For Triple J Like A Version

Rolling on down to the Like A Version studio this week (actually the studios at QUT in Brisbane), Sycco has delivered an excellent take on PNAU’s ‘Embrace’.

She took along Brisbane mates, Clea, Asha Jefferies, and Hallie as well as half of local band First Beige Oscar Borschmann, James Halstead, and Jasper Gundersen.

Sycco and her ensemble covered PNAU’s ‘Embrace’. While Sycco hails from a similar musical background, it didn’t stop her from making the cover individual to herself.

It trades out those psychedelic components for a bit of synthesised groove. She then adds another element to the cover, transitioning into Tame Impala’s ‘Breathe Deeper’ towards the end.

We also got to see a performance of ‘Dribble’ and the energy is HUGE.

In her Behind The Like A Version, Sycco tells us her choice is a celebration of Ausmusic Month.

“It’s psychedelic but also poppy, so that’s like everything I love into one song,” she says.

“I had two versions then I had a bit of a breakdown because I was freaking out. And then I just scrapped them all and did it in one day.”

Watch her take on ‘Embrace’, her original ‘Dribble’, and her Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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