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Watch Telenova Chuck An Indie-Electro Twist On Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ For Like A Version

Melbourne’s Telenova have taken on Like A Version this week. They brought in a 2005 hit, Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’. The three-piece keeps all the electro banger vibes of the original, while working in guitars and Angeline Armstrong’s vocals for an indie-pop spin.

Sonically, the cover is an absolute treat. The performance itself though is so high energy and so much fun.

In their Behind the Like A Version interview Angeline describes the track as “just a party banger”.

“We started with that acoustic guitar strumming and more of a muted drum. I guess that set the tone for it and then we just let it develop and more and more kind of sneaking in the other elements of the original,” says Armstrong.

While they were in the studio, Telenova shared a rendition of their own single, ‘Bones’, which is a huge vibe of a track.

The track’s translation from the studio version to their live performance is really cool.

Telenova are currently on tour. Of course, due to the current COVID lockdowns a few of the shows have been rescheduled.

Check out the latest dates below.

You can watch their Like A Version, original, and Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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