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Watch This Drummer’s Spot-On Impressions Of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Playing In Other Bands

Drummer and YouTuber Josh Steffen is using his hilarious ‘Larsisms’ series to show what it would be like if Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was actually the drummer for a bunch of different bands, including the likes of Megadeth, Duran Duran and KISS.

The latest of Steffen’s on-point videos, for example, sees him impersonate old mate Ulrich rocking out to the Megadeth classic Symphony Of Destruction, which is why he’s called the clip ‘Symphony Of Larstruction’.

In ‘Symphony Of Larstruction’, Steffen swaps out the consistency of former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza for Ulrich’s heavy-set and ever-changing style, complete with some very Ulrichian facial expressions and an extended closing section, just the way Lars would have liked it.

Isn’t that right, Lars?

As it turns out, Ulrich was blissfully unaware of his Metallica bandmates’ plan to fire him back in the ’80s. He doesn’t give a fuck now, but if it had happened, we’d like to hope he still wouldn’t have ended up in Megadeth.

Watch ‘Symphony Of Larstruction’ alongside the rest of Steffen’s other ‘Larsisms’, below.

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