Watch Triple J Hip Hop Guru Hau Latukefu Surprise Lewi McKirdy With A Touching Rap Tribute Live On Air

Triple J jock Lewi McKirdy is one of many beloved voices saying smell-ya-later to his regular spot on the J-waves at the end of this year, and to send him off in style, The Hip-Hop Show host and regular Lunch With Lewi guest Hau Latukefu has delivered a surprise rap tribute live on air which hit his outgoing J-bro right in the feels.

Latukefu busted out his hip hop homage to the Voice Of Lunch during their final mic break together, and Lew-Boy was so touched by his heartfelt bars — “at first conversation I knew a bond was there / some say he’s more laid back than recliners” — that he even took off his trademark glasses to soak it all in.

Following the unexpected musical hasta la vista, a bunch of other J-faves including Briggs, Horrorshow and stacks more phoned in to bid a fond farewell to the people’s champ, who’s off to the UK indefinitely after being our hot lunch date for more than a decade.

Despite the fact that Lew-Lew is moving on, there’s still a petition to turn Double J into a 24 hour Lewi McKirdy station.

McKirdy is one of a handful of regular J hosts to be G’ing TFO next year, including brekky duo Matt Okine & Alex Dyson, plus Kyran Wheatley and Sarah Howells.

Catch footage of Latukefu’s touching goodbye rap to Lewi M, below.

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