Watch TV On The Radio’s Laid-Back Cover Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Live In Brisbane

TV On The Radio have covered some TV on stage during their currently unfolding tour of Australia, beginning their Brisbane encore with an oddly chill rendition of the Game Of Thrones theme song.

(*spoiler alert*) Fan-shot footage of the gig shows the Brooklyn band busting out a 90-second dub version of the HBO show’s theme, causing fans who recognised the melody to lose their heads faster than Sean Bean.

Sounds like someone must be pretty excited for next week’s season finale, am I right Tunde Adebimpe?

The frontman can be heard yelling out the names of various characters throughout the fuzzy, vaguely psychedelic rendition, such as “Mother of Dragons!” and “Arya Stark!” to keep the crowd going wild-lings, before segueing into Ride, a track from the band’s fifth and most recent album Seeds.

One can’t help but feel that if the notoriously hectic show’s theme song was replaced with the more laid-back TV On The Radio version, Westeros would be a way more chill place, and maybe Stannis’s swag rating wouldn’t have taken such a big hit following the nasty business of last week’s episode.


TV On The Radio are far from the only band to be getting in on the Game Of Thrones action of late. Mastodon made a wildling cameo a few weeks back, and if you haven’t checked out Coldplay’s misguided bash at producing Thrones: The Musical then you’re not yet living your best possible life.

Meanwhile, you can check out our review of TV On The Radio’s Sydney Opera House show as part of Vivid Live, or peruse the gallery below.

The group will wrap up their Australian tour this weekend in Melbourne.

Watch: TV On The Radio – Game Of Thrones Theme (Dub Cover) Live In Brisbane, 2015

Gallery: TV On The Radio @ Sydney Opera House, 2015 / Photos By Joelle Miller

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