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Watch Tyler, The Creator Smash Kanye West In A Running Race At Coachella

Kanye West has made a surprise appearance at Coachella 2016 to face off against Tyler, The Creator in the ultimate test of physical endurance.

The Californian music festival became a battleground on Friday, when the two hip-hop heavyweights decided to hold a running race to determine who was the, uh, fastest rapper.

And while we all know Yeezy can bust a rhyme at top speed, it was the Odd Future dude who came out on top in the impromptu Coachella track meet.

Naturally, Ye had a perfectly reasonable excuse for why he choked out.

And you can hear why straight from the horse’s mouth because Odd Future’s Taco filmed the whoooooole thing and posted it up on Instagram #champ.

Needless to say, it’s crying out for a slow motion re-edit to the Chariots Of Fire theme song.

Check it out below or else catch a bunch of live Coachella sets streaming live right now.

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