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We Shit You Not, The Pope Is Releasing A Prog Rock Album And Here’s His Debut Single

Pope Francis will crank Catholicism up to 11 with the arrival of his new prog-rock album, dubbed Wake Up! and we shit you not, this is actually happening.

The Catholic Church’s 224th Pontifex’s debut LP will arrive on November 27th, around the same time that English pop sensation Adele’s new album is expected to drop, meaning His Holiness will have some stiff competition in the charts.

The dopest Pope who ever Poped’s Vatican-approved LP spans 11 tracks and, as Consequence Of Sound reports, features excerpts of the Pontiff’s most moving speeches, in multiple languages, alongside original music composed by Don Giulio Neroni and Tony Pagliuca of the prog-rock band Le Orme.

And if you still think we’re taking the piss, iTunes pre-orders are available now.

The Pontifex Maximus is currently embarking on an historic Papal visit extensive album promo tour of the United States, and hopes that his prog-rock infused musical debut will help spread the message of hope, faith and unity to the world.

Check out His Holiness’s debut single, Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward! below.

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