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Could This Be The Weirdest Music Video Ever Made?

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash has just dropped what might be the best (or weirdest) video of the year so far, for his stripped back trap track Winaloto.

Starting out playing some g-string butts like bongos, before taking us down the rabbit hole of his own beige and creepy wonderland, Cash’s video has everything from body contortionists to sexy Siamese twins.

It’s the latest in a string of bizarre videos from the Baltic-trap star, and was directed by Cash himself.

This guy is clearly going places… even if said places involve some kind of home or rehab centre.

The centerpiece of the video is undoubtedly when old mate superimposes his face between a woman’s legs with his hair standing in for a manicured patch of pubez (and you can use your imagine to piece together the rest).

Anyway, you should really just watch it for yourself. I promise you won’t be bored. Disgusted maybe, but not bored.

Watch: Tommy CashWinaloto

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