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Weirdly Dedicated Fan Wipes Sweat From R Kelly’s Tongue And Crotch In Bizarre AF Clip

It seems that R Kelly has taken extreme measures to remain relevant in 2016, with the US musician mainly known these days for contributing Ignition to your ’90s R&B playlist.

Now a fan-shot clip has emeged from a Christmas concert held by Kelly in Detroit last weekend, and in it R Kelly is singing to a woman in the front row; urging her to wipe various parts of his body of his body with a towel.

A reviewer for The Detroit News reports that Kelly firstly said to the crowd “You know I’ll make a song about anything. Can I get a towel to wipe my face?”

Sure that doesn’t sound too bad on the surface, but then things started to take a turn for the WTF basket.

As the video shows, he tells the woman to wipe his face, his chin, his tongue and his lips, before eventually extending his pelvis towards her. The fan didn’t need another hint, beginning to wipe his groin area with the towel.

Now that’s fan loyalty… we guess…

If you’re game, check out the clip in full below.

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