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Wes Borland Explains The Long Delay On Limp Bizkit’s “Really Weird” New Album

Written by Sam Murphy on February 5, 2015

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has explained the reasons for the delay on the band’s forthcoming seventh album and given some insight into what to expect, calling it “really weird”.

The American band haven’t released an album since 2011’s Gold Cobra and have been working on the follow-up, tentatively titled Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, since 2012. In an interview with Metal Insider Borland said, “To be blatantly honest about it, the new album has gone through so many different alterations and so many different sessions.”

According to Borland, the band has now written 28 songs for the new album but not all of them are finished. “Fred [Durst] has been working on vocals in his home studio nonstop for months and months. He’s told me that he’s almost finished, but I don’t know what amount of the 28 songs have been finished,” he said.

Gold Cobra marked a big change for the band as they signed with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money label. In 2012, they released the track Ready To Go with the rapper himself which could end up on the new album. Talking about what to expect from the record Borland said, “The album’s really weird. There’s a lot of weird things that we did, that we tried.” He continued, “Basically, we bit off a huge chunk and now we’re trying to make sense of it.”

The album is now apparently due out this year, but not even Borland himself can guarantee that it definitely will be released. “I think it’ll be out this year. If it’s not… I don’t know [laughs],” he said.

It will be the first album released by the band without DJ Lethal who departed in 2012 after 15 years with Limp Bizkit.

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