What not to do at SXSW

Ever been in a situation that went from good to bad in a matter of seconds. You walk away scratching your head saying “What the fuck just happened?” I think Ben Weasel from punkers Screeching Weasel may be doing that right now.

Last week footage of an incident between Ben and a fan at a recent gig was released. In the incident, Ben assaulted an audience member and had to be dragged off stage by security who threw him out of the building. Since then the rest of the band have walked out on him and just about everyone who is anyone in the punk scene and who attended SXSW have slammed the guy. And justifiably too. It’s pretty horrific and continues the trend of bizarre events at SXSW. (How can we forget Cookie The Clown aka Fat Mike from last year?)

The band had just returned from a hiatus to record a new album First World Manifesto and had just started a US tour when the incident occurred.

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