WHY? Announce First Australian Tour

WHY? is a group of handsome Cincinnati-born men who fiddle with skins, strings, bells and microphones and present their findings to the listening public. Singer Yoni Wolf grew up the second son to an art book editor and a rabbi. He got his start recording bad poems and sloppy beats on the family synagogue’s 4-track. In junior high he discovered hip-hop. At art school, he learned how to drop out. Yoni’s brother Josiah played drums at Rabbi Wolf’s worship service as a kid, became a band geek as a teen, and fell in love with Thelonious Monk on his way to study music at University of Cincinnati. Doug McDiarmid would eventually get expelled from that same school for carrying a stun gun, but first he was raised by two French teachers and taught piano while in kindergarten. He also went to high school with the Wolfs, where he played in Steve Miller cover bands.

WHY?’s brand new album Eskimo Snow (out September 25 on Anticon/Stomp) is something of a companion piece to last year’s celebrated Alopecia LP. In February of 2007, the WHY? trio temporarily relocated to Minneapolis and officially inducted Fog players Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson. Recording live as a five-piece, WHY? created two distinct albums from those sessions: Alopecia, with its taut rhythms and biting wit, and Eskimo Snow, a shadowy and sprawling set that finds Yoni resigned to and ever-awed by those infinite erring bits of existence that make WHY? what it is.

On their maiden Australian voyage, WHY? will perform in full five piece glory.


MEREDITH: Sat 12 Dec @ Meredith Music Festival.

BRISBANE: Sun 13 Dec @ The Troubadour w/ McKisko, To The North and Lion Island. Co-presented by In Finland.

MELBOURNE: Tue 15 Dec @ East Brunswick Club w/ Aleks & The Ramps and The Parking Lot Experiments.

SYDNEY: Wed 16 Dec @ Annandale w/ Seekae and Danimals.

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