Wil Wagner Of The Smith Street Band Told The Lucky Punter He Gave His Guitar To “Start A Band”

Earlier this week it emerged that The Smith Street Band frontman Wil Wagner had given his guitar to a fan after a show in Brisbane and now the pair have spoken out about the moment.

The guy he gave the guitar to is 18 year-old Daniel Simpson who had attended two consecutive shows and caught Wagner’s attention because of his passionate reaction to the music.

Speaking to triple j, Simpson called the moment shared between the two while the exchange was happening, “so beautiful.”

He had cried the entire way through the set and shed more tears when Wagner gave him it.

“I could not have expected it… then there’s a guitar in my hands and I’m crying on his shoulder and it’s amazing,” he said.

He further said that he discovered the band when he was “struggling a lot with mental health,” and had found great solace in their “open lyrics”.

When Wagner embraced him he told him to “start a band” and to “think of this whenever you feel sad,” using the guitar to pen songs. He apparently already has a band though called The Redundants who make “loud noises”.

Wagner also spoke out about the moment saying that he wanted to reward the fan because he seemed like such a “lovely person”.

“I was thinking ‘I’ll give something’; About halfway through the set I thought ‘stuff it, I’m gonna give him my guitar!”

“I remember being Daniel’s age and being that emotionally taken over by music and not being able to afford a guitar,” he elaborated.

Wagner had bought the guitar in New York and used it to write ‘More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me’.

Stories don’t get much more feel good than this one.

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