Woman fined 1.5 million dollars for downloading 24 songs

It’s finally happened, the labels have won their day in court and one poor woman, Jamie Thomas-Rasset has been ordered by a US court to pay US$1.5 million in damages after downloading 24 songs off KaZaA.

Having been through several trials and appeals, the offending downloads taking place in February 2005, Thomas-Rasset, who was originally ordered to pay $A219,309.18 after a guilty verdict in 2007 (the judge overturning the sum, stating it was ‘wholly disproportionate’ and oppressive, the ruling sees her convicted of copyright infringement. In the ruling she was ordered to pay $US62,500 for each of the 24 songs, a total of $US1.5 million dollars.

While US$1.5 million might seem like a lot to pay for 24 songs, the labels don’t see ti that way. In a statement The Recording Industry Association Of America has said that they are “thankful to the jury for its service in this matter and that they recognised the severity of the defendant’s misconduct… Now with three jury decisions behind us along with a clear affirmation of Ms Thomas-Rasset’s willful liability, it is our hope that she finally accepts responsibility for her actions”.

The 24 songs Thomas-Rasset downloaded were:

Aerosmith – Cryin’
Bryan Adams – Somebody

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me

Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

Gloria Estefan – Here We Are; Coming Out of the Dark; Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

Green Day – Basket Case

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle; November Rain

Janet Jackson – Let’s Wait Awhile

Journey – Faithfully; Don’t Stop Believin’
Linkin Park – One Step Closer

No Doubt – Bathwater; Hella Good; Different People

Reba McEntire – One Honest Heart

Richard Marx – Now and Forever

Sarah McLachlan – Possession; Building a Mystery

Sheryl Crow – Run Baby Run

Vanessa Williams – Save the Best for Last

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