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Woman Says Security Wouldn’t Let Her Take Tampons Into Spilt Milk Festival

Security was tight at Canberra’s Spilt Milk festival over the weekend, so tight in fact that one woman says she had to smuggle tampons into the event after a security guard said she couldn’t bring them in.

Stephanie Skinner has taken to Facebook to call out a security guard who she says stopped her from bringing tampons and Naprogesic — a pain medication for periods — into the festival.

“So can someone tell me why security tried to refuse to let people bring tampons into the festival? Was it just gross incompetence by security, or was that actually a rule made by organizers?” Skinner says in a statement posted to the Spilt Milk Facebook page.

“Shoutout to the security guard who unironically said ‘what do you even need them for?’ when I complained about it and still didn’t let me in. I had to smuggle them into the festival down my shirt.”

A spokesperson for Spilt Milk organisers Kicks Entertainment has told Fairfax Media that tampons were not a banned item, unless tampered with.

“We are very sorry to hear that one guard may have acted outside of our event safety procedure and we have taken this up with our security management company to ensure situations like this do not occur in the future,” they said.

A small number of other festival-goers have also taken to Facebook to criticise Spilt Milk security for being strict with what ticket-holders were allowed to take into the festival, as well as the maximum size bags they were allowed.

Police said they were “satisfied” with the overall behaviour of the 25,000-strong crowd at this year’s Spilt Milk. One person was arrested at the event in relation to an alleged assault, and two people were also taken to the ACT Watch House for intoxicated and disorderly behaviour.

Read Stephanie Skinner’s full statement, below.

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