Woodford Folk Festival 2011/2012 Line-up

The Woodford Folk Festival 2011/2012 programme was launched tonight at Woodfordia (the festival site) in a ceremony for 250 enthusiastic organisers.

Last year Woodford suffered a blow when the Queensland floods caused a number of potential ticket buyers to boycott the festival due to road blockages and the possibility that the festival would be called off.

Speaking at the event, Festival Director Bill Hauritz said:

While it’s been a challenging year emerging from the floods, there have been some tremendous outcomes, among them, Woodfordia (the festival site) is in better shape than it’s ever been. This year our loyal patrons will be rewarded with the strongest cultural event to date and many positive changes.

While the world seems to be in a bad news cycle, the programme reflects a positive way forward and a celebration of humanity. It’s only with positive affirmations that our festival, communities and nation can move forward.

Woodford’s programme this year features The Dreaming Festival. Together, the event features 400 acts performing on 20 stages over the six days and nights.

Woodford Folk Festival 2011/2012 line-up


De Pedro

Cloud Control

Xavier Rudd

Tinpan Orange

Eagle and the Worm


Owl Eyes

The Herd

Jesca Hoop (USA)

Andy Bull

Daily Meds


Jordie Lane

The Red Eyes

Graveyard Train

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

Sticky Fingers

Band of Frequencies




24Buffy Sainte-Marie

Busby Marou


The Bakery

The Ninth Chapter

Charlie Mayfair

Tuba Skinny (USA)

The Medics

Crooked Still (USA)

Daniel Champagne

Danny Widdicombe

Die Roten Punkte

Skipping Girl Vinegar

Faux Pas

Frank Yamma

Swamp Thing (NZ)



Hiatus Koiyote

Hugo and Treats

Jack Carty

Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum

The Sunshine Brothers

Jess Beck

John Flanagan and The Begin Agains

Lola the Vamp, Rita Fontaine, Flavella L’Amour,

Lucy Wise and The B’Gollies

Sol Nation

Sue Ray

Dougie Maclean (SCOT)

Tim Edey & Brendan Power (IRE/NZ)


More Fiddles Than Frocks

Andrea Soler

Amelia Curran (CAN)

David Myles (CAN)

DJ Mike Ford

Elixir (feat. Katie Noonan)

Dachambo (JAP)

Monsieur Camembert

Kira Puru & The Bruise

My Friend The Chocolate Cake


Sherman Downey & The Silver Lining

The Transylvaniacs

Brothers Grim

Charlie A’Court (CAN)

Genevieve Chadwick

Joe Robinson

Pugsley Buzzard

Invisible Friend

The Old Spice Boys

The Re-Mains

Benny Walker

Woodford Folk Festival 2011/2012 – 27th December – the 1st January

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