Woodford Folk Festival Sees Record Crowds

Citing good weather as a key factor, Bill Hauritz, director of the Woodford Folk Festival, has announced that yesterday’s crowd was the biggest the festival has seen since 2004.

With four of the last five years having seen numbers down due to wet weather and flooding, Hauritz is very thankful for the weather, saying it was exactly the kick-start the event needed to get off running.

“Our organisation has been at risk because of the weather and the floods last year,” he said. “We’ve been through some very difficult financial times because we’ve had to build infrastructure and this has been going on for a long time … We’ve had some good luck in many ways in the last couple of years, but the weather has been the turnaround for us this year … You can just see by the tremendous crowds we’ve got here at the moment, it’s wonderful.”

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