Woodford Folk Festival Unveils 2014-2015 Theme, Lineup Coming Soon

The organisers of the annual Woodford Folk Festival have revealed the theme and poster for this year’s event and they’re calling on punters to explore the duality of life and their own existence through the expressions of the Mask.

The Woodford Folk Festival, set to kick off on Saturday, 27th December, hopes to feature a carnival of masked creatures and characters in the spirit of adventure, mystery and discovery. “The questions we ask of ourselves are: ‘What truth behind the mask may lie?’ [and] ‘Does your mask conceal or reveal?’,” explains Festival Director Bill Hauritz. “By revealing what’s behind the mask, maybe we can discover a truer sense of ourselves.”

As is the tradition, the Woodford Folk Festival event poster has also been unveiled today, with the festival choosing to work with artist, Gavin Ryan once again to bring the theme to a full visual expression.

With characteristic intricate detail, the poster depicts a lively procession of both masked and unmasked characters spilling out from a whimsical cityscape. Featured in the foreground we see an adventurous girl, named Tilda, throwing her mask to the wind.

The festival also plans to bring the poster’s female hero to life through the construction of a giant masked puppet girl, who will stand 6 metres high and will be operated by QUT Creative Industries students.

“She is going on the journey to find freedom and in her story perhaps we’ll see a part of ourselves,” explains Bill Hauritz. “She’s our journeywoman, our dancing dreamer, waltzing wanderer.” Prior to the festival, Tilda will journey to and tour the Sunshine Coast in December.

The Woodford Folk Festival is set to launch their upcoming festival programme on Saturday October 18th, 2014. Tickets for the festival are on sale now.

Woodford Folk Festival 2014/2015 Poster

woodford folk festval poster

Woodford Folk Festival 2014/2015

Saturday, 27th December 2014 – Tuesday, 1st January 2015

Woodford, Queensland

Tickets: Woodford Folk Festival

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