World Media Berates Australian Journalist Aboard Rihanna’s Private Jet

Australians! There’s just no one else in the world like us, which means sometimes our awesomeness is taken the wrong way. Such was the situation for a Melbourne radio presenter who was selected amongst media people all over the world to travel with Rihanna and her crew across her entire 777 World tour.

I’d imagine that when Melbourne’s Fox FM morning announcer Michael Christian rushed to pack for the massive adventure and saw his trusty harmonica sitting on the bench, he thought “Ah, perfect!” But as it turns out, the rest of the world aren’t as down with impromptu, unplugged performances on the old ‘monica’, especially when you’re 30,000ft up.

The first to report signs of tension was Gawker, who commented that “granted, some Australian guy on the plane was playing a harmonica, which is internationally recognized as grounds for justified homicide”. This was soon backed up by a tweet from MTVs Maud Deitch, who mentioned that the “Australian motherfucker playing the harmonica is about to get murked”, to which Christian actually responded, “Hang on…so you didn’t like it?”

It appears that fuses may have already been pretty short, before he busted out the harmonica. Word has come back from the absolutely massive entourage of press, contest winners, and fans that the main point of contempt comes from the fact that the girl of the hour is nowhere to be seen. The 7-country, 7-day promotional tour has included only 1 sighting of the pop star that wasn’t on stage, and that siting happened before take off. Other than that, she has been nowhere to be seen.

According to Gawker, (Via SMH) “It hasn’t helped matters that the plane has been plagued by travel issues and a conspicuous lack of RiRi, whose heavenly scent is no longer keeping the journos sedated. Words being thrown around include ‘defeated’, ‘restless’, ‘mutiny’ and ‘survival mode’.”

Rolling Stones Jeff Rosenthal summed it up very nicely: “From journalists to fans to label reps to airline staff, the general feeling is one of mild depression-cum-hysteria.”

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