World’s End Press Are Breaking Up, But Not Before One Last Party

World’s End Press have sadly decided to call it quits, with remaining members John Parkinson, Rhys Richards and Tom Gould today announcing the split and one final party to say farewell.

Set to take place Friday 1st April at Howler in their hometown of Melbourne, the band have have recruited good mates Broadway Sounds and CC Disco to help them say goodbye.

Rising to global prominence off the back of their self-titled 2013 LP, the band’s effortless mix of dance and pop music and ability to go from stadium sized bangers and dancefloor gold to more intimate fare, saw them reap critical and commercial success. Their follow up EP Tall Stories  and their stand out live sets at festivals like Meredith and Falls only furthered their reputation as one of the country’s most exciting young acts.

Coming as much of a shock to the folk at their label Liberation Music as it is to us, it’s sad to see World’s End Press going out of print. Speaking of their time together the band wrote:

“After spending the best years of our lives together, we, World’s End Press, have decided to call it a day. It’s an amicable breakup; no tantrums, no grudges, no unresolved angst, it’s just guided by the simple desire we all have to try new things.

“It has truly been a pleasure and for that we thank you all; you people who noticed us and shared in the good times. From friends and family in the beginning, to all the believers in the industry, particularly Liberation, who graciously helped us out, and of course to the wider audience that in turn became our friends and family, honestly we love you all and we’ve loved every minute of making music for you.”

Leaving it there the band wanted to “avoid turning this into a soapbox oration so we’ll keep it brief in saying; let’s have just ONE more party.

We need to say goodbye properly and the only way to do it is to be in a room together with very loud music playing.”

That sounds about right to me.

In the meantime check out the video for Tall Stories here below

World’s End Press – Tall Stories

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