WU LYF Bust Toyota For Illegal Use Of Song In Commercial

Toyota seems to be the latest transnational corporation to think they’re above copyright laws. You can imagine the surprise on New Jersey outfit WU LYF’s faces when they heard their original track Heavy Pop on the ad, and it gets worse.

Not only did they steal the song, they couldn’t have picked a worse ad to synchronise it to if they tried. In an attempt to popularise their latest model GT 86, Toyota has injected new life into male chauvinism while portraying the culturally incorrect stereotype of the clueless husband making life hard for the missis.

The ad shows a bunch of guys who have purchased the GF 86 without first consulting with their other halves about the major life purchase. The result is then filmed. The scenario being acted isn’t real, but the law that has been broken is. WU LYF, who were in Australia not too long ago, have spoken out via Facebook stating that “we have not consented to this, we have not earned a penny from this and on behalf of the band I am fucking angry about this.”

Perhaps if it were a suave middle aged gentleman in the new 5 series, or a group of 20-year-old girls piling into a Golf, it may have been a different story.

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