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Yep, That ‘2017 Eminem Australian Tour’ Poster Is Fake

There’s been some hype surrounding an image which supposedly reveals that Eminem will tour Australia this year — which if true would be his first Aussie headline tour since his Rapture festival back in 2014 — but sadly, it’s a fake.

As keen as we’d be to see the real Slim Shady return to our shores this year, the alleged ‘tour poster’ is completely bogus.

TEG Dainty, which promoted Eminem’s last two Aussie tours, has confirmed to Music Feeds that the poster is a fake, and that the 2017 Australian tour it is speculating about isn’t legitimate either. Eminem’s management team has also been alerted to the poster’s existence.

The fake tour poster has been shared by a few Aussie music industry figures, including MC Mastacraft and Hip Hop KNECT CEO Troy Furner, with identical captions linking to a Facebook page created in 2013, ahead of Eminem’s 2014 tour.

But, as The Music points out, the image used for the poster was recently uploaded to Deviant Art by a user called Ali Chegini. The title of the artwork is ‘Eminem 2015’, and it’s categorised as Fan Art. Chegini seems to have compiled the image from a press photo of Eminem and an image from a wallpaper site, as you can see below.



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Other fan-created Facebook pages have exacerbated the hype created by the fake poster, with this unofficial event page hosted by a page called ‘Eminem 2017 Melbourne Concert’ flooded with responses, even though it has posts dating back to before 2014.

The ‘Eminem – Australian Tour‘ page that the posts have been linking to is even trying to flog merchandise at ‘half price’ in a supposed ‘stock clearance before any announcements are made’.

Eminem Stock Clearance

So given all of this, plus the fact that Eminem’s website currently has no tour dates listed, it’s safe to say the idea of a 2017 Australian tour from Eminem is still just a dream.

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