Yoko Ono To Play Lennon’s ‘Double Fantasy’ To Close Meltdown Festival

Yoko Ono will play Double Fantasy – her final collaboration with husband John Lennon – in its entirety, to close out this year’s Meltdown Festival, taking place at the Southbank Centre, London from 14th-23rd June.

Double Fantasy was initially panned upon its release in 1980 for being too self-indulgent but later praised following the murder of Lennon, which occurred only 3 weeks after the album came out. The record plays as a dialogue between Lennon and Yoko, and we’re being teased with some “very special” guest vocalists to join Yoko onstage and help perform Double Fantasy live.

A house band comprised of well-known musicians led by musical director David Coulter will also back Yoko. Pulling double duty, the 80-year-old Yoko will also open Meltdown Festival on 14th June with her Plastic Ono Band, with the band being led by Yoko and John’s son, Sean Lennon.

You can purchase tickets for Plastic Ono Band here and ticker for Double Fantasy Live here.

We’re skeptical about whether Yoko’s really got the chops, or the taste, to pull this off well – so really, whether you go or not, the Yokes on you.

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