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Yours Truly Share ‘Hallucinate’ feat. Josh From You Me At Six & Announce New EP

Australian alternative bright lights Yours Truly have announced their new EP Is This What I Look Like? will be released on Friday, 15th July via UNFD. The exciting news from the Sydney band is accompanied by a new song, ‘Hallucinate,’ which features Josh Franceschi, vocalist of UK rockers You Me At Six.

Sharing the news of Is This What I Look Like? – the first full release from Yours Truly since their debut album, Self Care, landed to widespread acclaim – vocalist Mikaila Delgado provides some insight into the inspiration and intention behind ‘Hallucinate’.

“Hallucinate is an anxiety attack turned into music, detailing how it takes over your body so totally that it feels as if you’re under the influence of something. I’ve struggled badly with anxiety and it’s debilitating every day to be at war with your own thoughts. It’s one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written but I found a lot of power in pulling out the chaos of how anxiety feels and sounds to me and putting it in a song.”

Working with Franceschi was no doubt a thrill for Yours Truly – Delgado wrote a love letter to You Me At Six’s Sinners Never Sleep for Music Feeds in 2020. Franceschi isn’t the only big name on Is This What I Look Like? The record will also feature a guest spot from DR€W ¥ORK of NY hardcore stalwarts Stray From The Path.

Is This What I Look Like? marks the start of a new chapter for Yours Truly. Inspired by the music they’re all listening to now (Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975, Bloc Party, Head Automatica), the seven tracks see the band scatter in every direction possible.

Though, the new EP was never meant to be a bold step forward for the group and was originally planned as a three-track companion to Self Care, called Self-Sabotage. The EP was meant to tackle something other than the “sunshine and butterflies” of their debut album.

“We spent that whole album telling people everything was going to be alright but the world had clearly taken a turn. Over the past few years, self care has been incredibly difficult,” explains Delgado. “We wanted to explore ‘that’.”

But, while Self Care was inspired by conversations between all four members of the band about their mental health, Is This What I Look Like? saw Delgado isolated, alone and uncertain about her place in the world.

“My entire adult life has been Yours Truly. With that taken away, I was in a bad place. Not being able to perform was depressing,” she explains. Delgado poured that into writing brutal, raw and revealing songs about “coming to terms with who you are and who you want to be.”

Yours Truly – Is This What I Look Like?

  1. Walk Over My Grave
  2. Bruises feat. DR€W ¥ORK
  3. Careless Kind
  4.  is this what i look like?
  5. Hallucinate feat. Josh Franceschi
  6. If You’re Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath)
  7. Lights On
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