YouTube Are Pulling An Amazing April Fools Gag With Help From Darude

Those feeling nostalgic now that Finnish DJ and trance hero Darude has left the country after his stint here for Future Music, now have a new way to get their Sandstorm fix, thanks to the fine people at YouTube.

In what is arguable the best April Fools Day gag of the year, YouTube have introduced an easy way to make sure there’s ample ’90s Finnish trance in your life, by asking you, upon every video search: “Did you mean: Darude – Sandstorm by Darude.” Yep, every time, every search.

But, that’s not all folks. If, for some bizarre reason, you did not mean to search for Sandstorm by Darude, YouTube have found a way to make it part of your video experience anyway, with the introduction of a handy new Sandstorm button.

Just click on that new “add music” icon on the bottom right hand side of each video and behold the transformation. Because sure, Darude may have just dropped a brand new track Beautiful Alien, but add a little Sandstorm to it and it’s a certifiable banger. Those ambitious enough can even layer Sandstorm over Sandstorm. Trippy.

Go ahead, try it for yourselves.

Photos: Future Music Festival 2015 – Brisbane, Doomben Racecourse, 07/03/15. Photographed by Rebecca Reid

Watch: Darude feat. AI AM – Beautiful Alien

Watch: Darude – Sandstorm

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