Yves Klein Blue break up

After five years and moderate success, Brisbane indie outfit Yves Klein Blue have announced on their facebook page that they are calling it quits, news which was met with 37 likes at the time of writing, the break up reportedly resulting from lead singer Michael Tomlinson moving to Melbourne for ex-girlfriend Megan Washington, the band then losing the drive to continue.

The statement read “Yves Klein Blue broke up because of creative differences some time in the second half of 2010, after 5 years together. We grew up and apart. We now live in different cities and pursue our respective vocations to our utmost capacity.

We leave behind 1 full length album and 2 EPs in the hope that you will remember us through that body of work. Thank you for singing along.

We remain hopeful for the future.”

Personal tastes aside it’s sad to see a band call it quits like this, and we wish the members the best of luck in the future.

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