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10 Weakest Excuses For Last-Minute Gig Cancellations (And 1 Way To Do It Right)

Written by Music Feeds on August 9, 2013

We’ve all been there – that gig you’ve been looking forward to for months is inexplicably cancelled two days before the event. Worse still, you rock up to the venue in your favourite T-shirt/sneaker combo, ready to get sweaty, only to see that dreaded sheet of A4 – usually containing the words “unforeseen circumstances” – plastered on a locked front door.

Sometimes it’s excusable, even though it hurts – like that time Dolores from The Cranberries had gastro, or when Mr Frank Ocean ripped up his vocal cords good and proper recently. Other times, though, we’re delivered truly terrible excuses as to why we’re left holding a furiously crumpled piece of yellow cardboard instead of a night’s worth of treasured memories – one such occasion ocurred just this week, in fact.

We’ve compiled 10 of the weakest reasons given by musicians as to why you’re not getting what you paid for, as well as one Good Guy Gigger who knows how to cancel last-minute with style.

10 Weakest Excuses For Last-Minute Gig Cancellations (And 1 Way To Do It Right)

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