Image for ‘CBGB’ Feature Film Trailer Looks Better Than Terrible

‘CBGB’ Feature Film Trailer Looks Better Than Terrible

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 8, 2013

One of the most iconic stories in modern music will be making its way to the big screen and from what we can tell by watching the official trailer for CBGB, Hollywood has busted out the big guns to tell the tale of the legendary live music venue.

A star-studded cast have signed up for the film including Foo Fighters sticks man Taylor Hawkins, Rupert Grint, The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, as well as Professor Snape and plenty more.

Short hand for Country, BlueGrass, and Blues, CBGB first opened for business in the New York of 1973. Originally intended to cater for just those genres, the venue soon housed musicians of all tastes. The music stopped back in 2006 though the memory lives on in a festival inspired by the venues ethos.

Given the array of iconic artists to have graced the venue’s stage, the film’s soundtrack will be an absolute thumper with original tracks from Talking Heads, Blondie, Dead Boys, Television, Iggy Pop, Joey Ramone and The Velvet Underground.

The film is directed by under-the-radar director Randall Miller whose previous works, including the “supernatural sports comedy” The 6th Man starring Marlon Wayans, have been less than well received.

Only time will tell whether the story of the venue gets the cinematic retelling it deserves. CBGB is expected to hit cinemas Stateside in October 2013.

Watch: CBGB – Official Trailer

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