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Chris Brown Sued Over Frank Ocean Studio Brawl

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 14, 2013

R&B singer Chris Brown is being sued for assault and battery by a man who claims he suffered a concussion after the fight which broke out between Brown’s entourage and singer Frank Ocean‘s at a Hollywood recording studio earlier this year.

Sha’keir Duarte claims that a member of Brown’s entourage, identified in the suit only as “Hood”, kicked and punched him, causing him to suffer a concussion as well as “humiliation and mental anguish”. The suit also claims that Brown taunted Duarte and threatened to escalate the fight, which took place at Westlake Recording Studios on 27th January, into a shooting.

Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos has labeled the case as frivolous and an attempted shakedown, saying, “This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name is garbage like this.” Geragos has stated that he will seek to have the suit dismissed and will countersue Duarte.

No charges were pressed by Ocean – not that he didn’t think about it. The singer claimed that his finger was injured during the fight, but stated that he would not be seeking any criminal or civil penalties.

The altercation apparerntly ensued after Brown parked his car in Ocean’s spot at the recording studio, proving once and for all that pop stars have real problems too.

(Via HitFix)

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