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Dananananaykroyd ‘There Is A Way’ New Album Out In June

Written by Brayden Darke on March 15, 2011

Scottish band Dananananaykroyd will be releasing their second album ‘There is a way’ on June 13th.

The band will release it through their own Pizza College Label, Ross Robinson, who has worked with metal and post-hardcore genre bands such as KoRn, At The Drive In and Glassjaw (and recently worked on the new Klaxons album) will be producing the album.

We spoke with Dananananaykroyd when they were out here on their last album Hey Everyone!. That night didn’t go so well for singer John Baillie Junior when he jumped off the stage and broke his arm (Watch our interview with Dananananaykroyd the night John Baillie Junior broke his arm).

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