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Fall Out Boy Confirmed For Soundwave?

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 5, 2013

The great Fall Out Boy have reunited, in case you were otherwise unaware, and it seems like the good news just keeps flowing in on the FOB front. Not only have the dudes dropped a new single and clip, with album details AND Australian tour dates, but it now looks as though the band will be appearing at Soundwave 2014.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, judging by AJ Maddah‘s choice of words in response to a fan’s tweet, the band are all but guaranteed for the next installment of the festival. AJ admits he had corresponded with the band before the news of their reformation broke, but claims he didn’t know they had also announced two headlining shows for next month.

According to AJ, the band had already been in touch to discuss matters such as Soundwave, be it for this one or next.

It’s been all quiet on the FOB front for the past few years, after the band entered a lengthy but thankfully impermanent hiatus. More details are sure to come through soon, and Music Feeds will be the ones to bring them to you first. Sit tight.

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